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A Very Brief History of My Slowly Deteriorating Body and Mind

I haven't always been chronically ill.

There was a brief period, in about 1988, when I was two, when there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. Then I met cats, and my immune system got confused, and it's all been downhill from there.

But basically, if you want the edited highlights of my adult years of chronic illness, it's this:

  • Aged 21: Endometriosis diagnosed

  • Aged 22: Generalised anxiety disorder diagnosed

  • Aged 24: Thyrotoxicosis diagnosed (Graves' disease)

  • Also aged 25: Thyroid eye disease diagnosed

  • Aged 26: Depression diagnosed

  • Aged 32: migraines diagnosed

  • Aged 33: Fibromyalgia diagnosed

  • Aged 34: ADHD diagnosed, also Diabetes type 2

  • Aged 35: Sleep apnoea syndrome diagnosed

That leaves out my childhood diagnoses of asthma and ezcema as well!!

When they announce robot bodies, I am first in line.

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